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  1. Ewxpdiqyg349djiajmct   Noriko 日本人女性のみなさまへ 「アメリカ人」「米軍兵」「アフガニスタン在留」「妻と数年前に死別」「小さな子供がいる」 このキーワードにピンとくる人いますか? 恋愛詐欺です。気を付けてくださいね。 Posted almost 2 years ago. comment(0)
  2. C2irkigfifpr2lidnhcr   Will heart Japanese I'm looking for someone who speak Japanese. Feel free to contact me anytime. Posted about 2 years ago. comment(0)
  3. Qigglihb3lpgd8nbl51r   Dan Hello, Is there anyone here close to Niigata I want to learn Japanesque. Thank you. Posted over 2 years ago. comment(0)
  4. Rxss2mhv7n8qrsn2eqsm   Mourad hi guys is there any one to exchange English or french am going to learn Spanish and Germany language also. Posted over 2 years ago. comment(0)
  5. Doytm3cgsummrzajfy9z   Aye Chan How can I do to improve Japanese Language? Now I am staying in Tokyo Posted over 2 years ago. comment(2)
  6. Tomvv9zdnlufj44ahfqi   Kawaii-chan Japanese What is your motivation to learn Japanese? 1) I want to travel to Japan 2) I want to understand anime/ manga 3) I like JRock 4) Shirimasen (I don't know.) 5) Zenbu (All.) Posted over 2 years ago. comment(0)
  7. J4ascnkdogimpm3n0bxd   Nusero92 Is someone who can teach me japanese? Posted over 2 years ago. comment(1)
  8. Vl5oz3yv0l4acyofmvja   Kazu Chinese, Cantonese Hello I just moved to Shanghai, and I have really lots of garbage (box, broken bed). Does somebody know where I can throw it away? Thanks! 上海に引っ越してきました。大量のダンボールや、壊れたベットなどを捨てたいのですが、どうしたらいいでしょうか?どなたかご存知ないでしょうか。 Posted over 2 years ago. comment(0)
  9. Gok1odjahnlkqalnloa5   Kentaro Hello I am Kentaro, one of the developer from Language Exchange 39. If you have any question or problem, please give us here comments! What you can do here? You can ask any question related to language, culture or country! Posted over 2 years ago. comment(0)